• Nadejda Tzanova

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About Nadejda Tzanova

Nadejda Tzanova is born in Bulgaria. She started her musical education when she was 5 years old at the School of Arts under the guidance of Mrs. Elena Yulianova.

In 2005 she was enrolled at the National Musical Academy “P. Vladigerov” in the piano class of Professor Stela Dimitrova – Maystorova and a lecturer Iliya Chernaev. In 2011 Nadejda Tzanova was graduated and earned Master’s degree in specialty: Piano. During the same year she began specializing at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels, Belgium under guidance of Professor Boyan Vodenicharov

Nadejda Tzanova had participations in Master classes of Professor Marcella Crudeli - Kitzingen (Germany), Professor Valerii Shkarupa – Ekaterirningburg (Russia), Plamena Mangova – Sofia (Bulgaria), Professor Boyan Vodenicharov – Brussels (Belgium), Professor Maurizio Moretti – Sardinia (Italy)... 

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